Bigard Guns & Sporting Goods Auction ~ Edmore, MI.

Saturday, October 19, 2019 @ 10:00 AM

Due to health reasons Bruce & Amanda Bigard will be selling their collection of guns, ammo, and sporting goods. Sale will be held at the Endeavor Center (old high school gym) 302 W. Main St. Edmore, MI. 48829.


Saturday, October 19th @ 10am

Nice Indoor Auction w/ Plenty of Seating!

No Buyers Premium!


Directions- From downtown Edmore MI.- travel 5 blocks west on M-46 (Main St.) to sale site. Watch for Pioneer Auction signs!



1- Kel-Tec P32 .32 cal semi auto w/ 2- 6 shot mags S#97622

2- Ruger LCP .380 cal semi auto w/ 6+1 capacity S#371219280

3- Lorcin L23 .25 cal semi auto 5 round capacity S#240065

4- Madison Import .25 semi auto 5 round capacity S#50586

5- Young America double action .22 short cal revolver S#249

6- Ruger LCR .22 mag double action only 6 shot revolver S#54866915

7- Ruger LCR .38 special 5 shot revolver S#542-63093

8- Walther PI .9mm semi auto w/ 2- 7 shot mags & leather holster S#421793

9- Walther PI .9mm semi auto 8+1 capacity S#23594

10- Walther P38 .9mm semi auto 8+1 capacity S#54926

11- Century Arms CZ82 .9mm Makarov semi auto w/ 2-12+1 mags S#128263

12- Century Arms CZ99 .40 cal semi auto single/double action 2-10+1 mags S#10268

13- Beretta PX4 Storm sub compact .9 mm semi auto 13+1 cap & extra mag S#P20713A

14- Browning Hp .9mm Luger semi auto 13+1 cap w/ extra mag  S#511MN54638

15- IMI Magnum Desert Eagle .50 AE cal semi auto 7+1 cap S#32202978

16- American Arms AB .44 cal single action 6 shot revolver, 18” barrel S#126204

17- Ruger Super Black Hawk .44 cal single action 6 shot revolver,10.5” barrel S#8676778

18- Ruger Super Red Hawk .44 mag single action 6 shot revolver, stainless, S#55065317

19- Uberti Cattleman .44 cal single action 6 shot revolver S#12751

20- Cimarron US Artillery .45 LC single action 6 shot revolver w/ factory box S#P34994

21- Ruger Super Single Six Convertible .22LR/22M  cal single action 6 shot revolver, stainless  S#26573149

22- Intratec AB-10 .9mm (Tec 10) semi auto pistol 50+1 cap, comes w / 3 mags(50,32,20)  S#AOG3415


Long Guns-

30- New Mossberg ATR .308 cal bolt action 4+1 cap w/ 3×9 scope

31- New Mossberg .270 cal bolt action w/ synthetic camo

32- New Ruger model 0692 .270 bolt action w/ synthetic stock

33- New Savage model 93R17 .17 cal bolt action w/ tri color stock and spiral barrel

34- New Ruger model 12/22 .22 cal LR bolt action w/ synthetic stock

35- New Mossberg Int. 715T Tactical 22LR cal semi auto 25+1 cap, drilled for optics, removable A2 Picatinny adj sights, removable muzzle

36- New JSC double barrel .20 gauge

37- New Tristar Cobra .12 gauge pump w/ pistol grip

38- Ruger Mini 14 .223 cal semi auto rifle 5+1 cap mag w/ 3×9 scope

39- Traditions E-bolt 209 .50 cal muzzle loader, nickel finish w/ 3×9 scope

40- Sears 3T .22 cal semi auto

41- Charles Daly Field Maxi-Mag .12 gauge pump shotgun, Real Tree camo finish

42- Night LK93 .50 cal muzzle loader w/ synthetic camo & 3×9 scope

43- Savage model 93 .22 WMR bot action w/ bull barrel, tri color stock, 3×9 scope, bipod

44- Marlin model 60 .22 cal LR semi auto

45- SKS model 59/66, 7.62 cal semi auto w/ scope

46- Custom .270 Win bolt action w/ 3×9 scope

47- Ruger model 10/22 .22 cal LR semi auto w/ bull barrel Nikko Stirling & 3×9 scope

48- Double barrel .20 gauge

49- CVA Apollo 90 .50 muzzleloader w/ scope rings

50- Savage model 24 over/ under .22 cal & .20 gauge

51- JC Higgins model 58314 .16 gauge bolt action

52- New Thompson Center Venture 7mm-08 bolt

53- Mossberg .12 gauge pump camo paint w/ bushel scope

54- DSA model ZM4 5.56 cal semi auto w/ tactical site

55- Howa model 1500 .243 cal bolt action w/ Nikko Stirling scope & youth stock

56- Miguel Larranaga .12 gauge double barrel w/ twin hammers

57- CZ USA (Czechoslovakia) .30-06 bolt action

58- Mosin Nagant  model M44 bolt action w/ bayonet

59- Springfield model 1903 .270 cal bolt action

60- Mauser BRNO VZ24 .30-06 cal bolt action

61- H & R model 1871 .20 gauge pump w/ synthetic stock



Barnet Quad 400 crossbow w/ case

Viper crossbow  w/ case

2- Golden Eagle compound bows

AR Velocity Bow

Assortment of arrows


Ammo & Reloading-

65,000+ rounds of various live ammunition

20,000+ rounds of various brass

150+ pounds of lead

Large amount of gun powder

RCBS electric powder dispensers

RCBS scales

Multi reloading presses

Dozens of ammo boxes (military & standard)

6 large lockable cabinets (2 fireproof) for ammo storage


Sporting Goods  –

Assort of new magazines

Dozens of new scopes still in boxes

Night Owl NOTG1 night vision googles

Varmint hunting light kit

Dozens of hard & soft gun cases

Pistol gun cases (plastic, stainless, etc.)

Dozens of holsters

3-handmade wooden vertical gun racks, holds 8

Gun cleaning kits

Assort of hunting clothes (3D camo, camo, blaze orange etc.)

Assort of hunting knifes

28+ fishing poles including a 18′ competition pole, 3 cane poles, and Heddon Black Beauty split bamboo fly fishing pole w/sleeve

16+ reels

10+  Tackle boxes

200- hand tied flies by Chris Zimmerman

Large assort of fishing tackle and nets

Vintage/ collectible tackle including 50 wooden lures

Fish finders

Ice augers(gas and manual)

Shappell 4 person ice fishing shanty

Ice fishing sleds

24- seal tight 6.5 gallon buckets

4 -coleman coolers

2 person tree stands

Items will be added to list, please check back often


Auctioneers Note-
 We would like to thank Bruce & Amanda for this opportunity. All the items on this auction are in very good condition and ready for you to enjoy. Sale will be held indoors in comfort with plenty of seating so bring a friend and enjoy this quality sporting goods auction with us! From the Bigard Family and all of us at Pioneer we look forward to seeing you there! Jason

Terms and Conditions-
Cash or good personal check with proper ID. All out of state checks must have a letter from bank verifying funds. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover w/ a 3% processing fee. All property to be settled for day of sale. No property to be removed from premises until settled for. Not responsible for accidents or goods after sold. Auctioneers and sale personnel act as selling agents only and assume no liability or guarantees. Announcements day of sale take precedence over printed matter. A current purchase permit or CPL will be needed on Auction day to buy a handgun. Purchase permits are available at any law enforcement agency in Michigan. You will need to register with a Michigan photo I.D. Buyers of all guns must sign stating they have no felony or criminal background and can legally buy a firearm.