M A Metals Liquidation Auction

Saturday, June 21, 2014 @ 10:00 AM

After being in the machining business 44 years, Darrell Archambault has decided to liquidate M A Metals INC, and put the listed items up for public auction located at 7470 N. Crystal Rd. Vestaburg MI. 48891.


From Vestaburg (M-46 & Crystal Rd intersection) travel .5 miles south on Crystal Rd. to sale site. From Alma travel 12 miles west on M-46 to Crystal Rd then .5 miles south to sale site. From Stanton travel 8 miles east on Stanton Rd. (522) to Crystal Rd then 7.5 north to sale site. Watch for Pioneer Auction signs!

No Buyers Premium!

2  Auction Rings!

Questions on equipment Contact Darrell @ 989-268-5080

Lift Trucks-

*1969 Hyster 550C gas w/ 5000# lift cap. S# c2d7735n

*Clark gas w/ 4000# lift cap. S# cl-462170



*Logan variable speed, auto feed, 32” bed, 12” swing, thread cap.

*Lodge 12 speed, auto feed, 1 3/8” spindle, 72” bed, 18” swing, thread cap.

*Clausing variable speed, auto feed, 1 3/8” spindle, 28” bed, 12” swing, thread cap.

*3- Hardinge variable speed,1 1/16” spindle, 24” bed, 8” swing

*KBH second opp variable speed, 1 1/16” spindle, 24” bed, 9” swing

*2- Warner Swasey No. 3, 6 speed, 1.5” spindle, 36” bed, 12” swing, turret

*Warner Swasey 1-A, 12 speed,  2.5” spindle, 60” bed, 16” swing, thread cap. turret

*2- Warner Swasey 1-A, 12 speed,  2.5” spindle, 60” bed, 18” swing, w/ taper attachments,turret

*Warner Swasey 3-A, 12 speed, 4 ¾ ” spindle, 72” bed, 24” swing, thread cap. turret

*5- Logan lathes, with and w/o auto feed, 24” bed, 10” swing

*Warner Swasey, manual feed, 1 1/4” spindle, 36” bed, 24” swing, turret

*3- Warner Swasey turret lathes, 1 5/16” spindle, 24” bed, 14” swing

*Herbert variable speed, turret lathe, 24” bed, 16” swing

*Bardons & Oliver 12 speed, 1 ¼” spindle, 36” bed, 14” swing, turret



*KBC vert. variable speed, 70-4200 rpm, auto feed, 9”x42” table, R8 spindle, 5” travel

*Index vert. 12 speed, auto feed table, 8”x 22” table, 4” travel

*Brown & Sharp No. 3 vert. 16 speed, 16-370 rpm, auto feed on x,y,z, 12” x 48” table, morse taper, 4” travel

*Brown & Sharp Range Master vert. 18 speed, 40- 1530 rpms, auto feed x,y,z, 7”x 43” table, 4” travel, R8 spindle

*American Milling hor.  auto feed x, 7.5”x 37.5” table

*Simons No. A-1, 4 speed, auto feed x, 8” ” table


Drill Presses-

*Rockwell #2 spindle, 17”x 12” table, 4” travel

*Delco #2 spindle, 11”x 12” table, 5” travel

*Cincinnati # 3 spindle, 28 speed, 20” table, 9” travel, auto feed

*Walker Turner ½” chuck, 12” x 10” table, 3.5” travel, 110v

*Blackhawk No. 2 spindle, 11” x 11” table, 5’ travel, 110v


Center less / Surface Grinders-

*Cincinnati No. 3 center less, hyd. wheel dresser

*Rosee Monza model 300 center less

*Brown & Sharp No. 2 surface, 6.5” x 17” magnetic table

*Storm OD grinder, 8” wheel, 8” swing


Grinders / Sanders-

*Dewalt 6” pedestal grinder, 110v

*Baldor 6” pedestal grinder, 110v

*Wissota 6” pedestal grinder

*Delta 8” pedestal grinder

*Sun 8” pedestal grinder w/ drill sharpener attachment

*Drill bitt pedestal grinder

*KO high speed head cutter  grinder

*2- 6” x 48” belt sanders, 110v



*Startrite H225 Horizontal band saw

*Carolina Tool HD10 Horizontal band saw

*Marvel #6 high speed power hacksaw

*Rockwell cutoff saw



*Manual hyd. press model CMP 100

*Electric over hydraulic 24” press (custom)

*Metal worker (manual)

*Drake No. 0 arbor press

*Famco No. 0 arbor press

*Enco arbor press

*2- Bliss No. 1 presses


Misc. items from around shop-

*3- oxygen  tanks

*Kelly shapper

*Sundstrand coolant separator

*Gilbert & Baker model 340, 100 gal. air compressor

*Burr King 150S vibrating bowl finisher

*Hyd. Die table 24” x 30”

*Parts washer

*Mult. Material handling carts

*2- dollies

*Mult. Work benches

*4” & 6” vices

*Tool cabinets

*Heavy duty material racks

*Variety of work tables

*Lg. assort. electric motors

*Lg. assort. scrap steel

*Murry lawn mower w/ 14.5 hp. Briggs, 42” deck, hydrostatic trans.

*Exhaust & interior fans

*Platform scales

* Mult. Roller tables

*Ark welder

*Welding table and supplies

*Marble layout table

*Lg. variety drill bitts

*Lg. variety high speed tool bitts

*Variety soldered carbide tool bitts

*Lg. variety end mills

*Variety reamers (high speed & carbide)

*Variety carbide inserts

*Variety taps dies

*Mult. Calipers & micrometers

*Partial listing, far to much to list

Questions on equipment Contact Darrell @ 989-268-5080


Terms and Conditions-  

Cash or good  check with proper ID.  All out of state checks must have a letter from bank verifying funds.  No credit cards accepted.  All property to be settled for day of sale.  No property to be removed from premises until settled for.  Not responsible for accidents or goods after sold.  Auctioneers and sale personnel act as selling agents only and assume no liability or guarantees.  Announcements day of sale take precedence over printed matter.